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Commercial Systems

Rainwater harvesting on a commercial scale makes a great deal of financial sense due to the large collection areas and high water usage requirements. What is considered a commercial building? Colleges, schools, theatres, airport terminals, office blocks, libraries, etc. The list is endless.

Here at Ecoserve Nationwide Limited, we have spent a great deal of time developing our commercial systems. All of our commercial systems use inverter drive technologies, which apply only the necessary amount of power to the pump to meet the demands (think of it like a Scalectrix controller, squeezing the trigger harder to make the car go faster). This has two main benefits over fixed speed controllers: It extends pump service life and reduces up to 60% power consumption.

To show how confident we are in our product, we offer a 3-year warranty against defective parts, on all of our commercial systems. Yes, 3 years (the industry standard is just 1 year for commercial grade systems). The only qualifying requirement for this is that Ecoserve Nationwide Limited commissions and services the system.

Control Types

Controls for commercial rainwater harvesting systems are generally bespoke; designed and sized to reflect the demands of the building in which they are installed. There are however three specific types of rainwater harvesting system.

Direct - Where the rainwater is collected from the roof area, filtered, stored in a large tank, and then pumped directly to the point of use under pressure.

Indirect - Rainwater is collected as with the direct system, but the rainwater is pumped to a storage tank mounted at height (usually a roof space), from where it feeds by gravity to the point of use.

Combi-Booster: Similar with the indirect system, but with the storage tank mounted at a lower level and then pumped on to the point of use.

Rainwater Storage

Our rainwater storage tanks come in two varieties, either above or below ground. Depending on the application and size, our tanks are made from durable Polyethylene or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

From 1,800 litres up to 10,000 litres, our underground storage tanks are made from polyethylene. All are shallow dig, with only the footprint increasing with size.

From 10,000 litres up to 100,000 litres, our underground storage tanks are manufactured in GRP and sized specifically for each installation.

Our above-ground polyethylene storage tanks can be as large as 20,000 litres and then linked to form batteries of multiple tanks totalling hundreds of thousands of litres.

Large above-ground tanks manufactured from GRP can also be supplied as sectional tanks, which are built on-site to a prefabricated design. This type of tank is ideally suited for internal installations, such as basements or plant rooms.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us in Nottinghamshire, England.